Grand Perpetual Motion Waltz for Two Pianos
COX, Michael
Grand Perpetual Motion Waltz for Two Pianos
Difficulty: Advanced
Duration: 6 min
Item#: 11007
Price: $18.95

The Grand Perpetual Motion Waltz explores the use of third relation, not only in the melodic doubling of parallel thirds in the opening theme, but also in the frequent third-related chord and key relationships. Numerous scales (often with Lydian inflections) and arpeggios build to moments of dramatic climax. The piece concludes with a somewhat humorous imitative dialogue between parts and the dramatic flair of contrary motion glissandi.

This premium Jabez Press edition is printed on acid-free, archival paper. The soft white pages reduce eye strain, while the music is generously spaced to facilitate the most convenient page turns possible. Contains two complete copies.

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